The world of Latin dance has recently added a new concept; ZUMBA. Although it has been around for a while; it is only since 2007 that it has become an international hype.

Zumba is a workout based on Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program. Because of the uplifting music, easy moves and great vibe it is so much fun you forget it is a workout.

How Zumba became popular

In the mid 1990’s Beto Perez was teaching aerobic classes at a local fitness facility in Colombia. One day he had forgotten his aerobics music and decided to work with the music he had in his car.

This was Salsa and Merengue music. Although it was a last minute improvisation, the response was great and he decided to create a fitness class based on Latin music. Zumba was born.

Introducing the fitness program to the USA

In 1999 Beto Perez brought the classes to the United States. Soon two entrepreneurs approached him. They offered to create a global company based on his fitness philosophy. There goal was to offer Beto's fitness classes all over the world.

Soon the entrepreneurs brought fitness instruction DVD’s on the market. This turned out to be a huge success. They sold hundreds of thousands DVD’s on the US market. This success led to a need for an instructor-training program, which followed shortly.

Over the past few years Zumba has become one of the most popular movements and it has earned a prominent place in the fitness industry.

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