Yamulee Dance Company

The Yamulee Dance Company are all about having fun while dancing salsa. The director of Yamulee Dance Company Osmar Perrones installs this philosophy.

Why Yamulee?

The word Yamulee has its roots in Africa and means "festive, joyous, and free-spirited". This name fits Osmar's style and personality perfectly. He chose the name himself primarily because of its fun-sounding nature. When he realized the meaning of the name he felt blessed and knew this was just right!

One of the most popular showgroups!

This show group is one of the most successful show groups of this time. They are probably the most popular group and are invited to almost every event. They are known for their quick and perfect spinning techniques and footwork. They usually perform On2.

Yamulee at the Houston salsa congress 2007


Yamulee at frankfurt goes salsa in 2008


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