Washington Salsa Congress: Salsa Party in the Nation’s Capital

The Washington Salsa Congress is considered one of the “Can’t Miss” salsa parties of the year, attracting salsa lovers not just from the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, but from cities and countries across the United States, Europe and around the world. One of many similar salsa congresses that are held worldwide, the Washington DC Salsa Congress was first held in 2005, and each year since its inception it continues to draw more and more people who are looking for a long and exciting salsa weekend in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Overviewing the days

The Washington Salsa Congress is typically held in mid to late June, beginning on a Thursday and culminating on Sunday. Thursday night is when the fun begins, as participants begin arriving at the hotel for the opening party—a party featuring cocktails, intoxicating Latin music and plenty of hip-swaying social dancing. On Friday the official schedule begins, a schedule that includes daily workshops in salsa and many other styles and genres of Latin dance for all skill levels. Besides the top-notch instruction offered at the festival, each night the congress presents a different performances showcase featuring invited professional salsa performers and dance companies from around the world. There are theme parties, Latin DJs that rock the house and even a VIP lounge for relaxing and chatting with other participants.

Washington DC

Washington DC is an ideal location for this weekend festival, offering participants shopping, world-class restaurants and hundreds of sightseeing and photo opportunities right in the heart of our nation’s capital. The beautiful hotels at which dancers will stay (usually at a discounted rate) are perfect for relaxing after a long day of dancing and partying, and although the hotel may differ from year to year, each one offers several attractive amenities including pools, spas and even a fitness center for those so inclined.

The Washington Salsa Congress is a must go

Although not the oldest salsa congress in the world, the Washington DC Salsa Congress has been going strong for seven years with no sign of slowing down. If you’re looking for a rocking good time featuring instruction, performances and all the salsa you can handle, the Washington DC Salsa Congress is definitely the place to go.

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