Talal:  From Morocco to Belgium to Stardom

Talal Benlahsen was born in Fes, Morocco in 1980, and those familiar with this enormously popular salsa star, known to his students and fan base simply as Talal, would probably not be surprised to learn that this young dance phenomenon had displayed a love and an aptitude for music from a very young age. As just a teenager, his ability to play guitar and sing led to several performance opportunities, including an occasion to play with the famed Moroccan composer Karim Zmane. Despite the opportunities presented him in Morocco, however, Talal decided to pursue his interests as a student and came to Belgium in the year 2000.

The story of Talal

As a student in Belgium, Talal enjoyed all the benefits of the European lifestyle, including the Belgium nightlife.  It was at the clubs in Belgium that this future star would first discover his love and aptitude for salsa, and being aware of this talent he decided to invest in it.  Talal joined up with one of the local salsa dance teams, and in just a few short years his innovative style and ability to lead his partner led to several opportunities to perform, not only in Belgium but also in a number of international events.

Talal joined Salsa Sunrise

Just four short years after discovering salsa for the first time, Talal joined the now famous “Salsa Sunrise” a ground-breaking salsa production of which he is now the director. Aside from his duties with Salsa Sunrise, Talal is a much sought-after performer and choreographer for events worldwide. His passion, energy and creativity, coupled with his unparalleled technique for teaching Salsa both on the “1” and the “2” has made him one of the best known and well-respected names in the salsa world.

Still going strong

Talal continues to teach and perform in Brussels to this day, as well as at specialized salsa clinics and congresses around the world, and based on his effectiveness as an instructor and his enormous international popularity it certainly appears he will continue to do so for quite some time to come.

A performance of Talal in 2013


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