Sydney Salsa Congress: Salsa Fun Down Under

The Sydney Salsa Congress, held in Australia’s largest and most renowned city is generally considered one of the finest salsa congresses in the entire world. Each year, this annual event attracts not only Australian salsa lovers, but those with a love of the salsa movement from around the world. Featuring spectacular performances and exhibits, daily workshops and rocking parties that last well into the night. This spectacular congress is also known as the Sydney Latin Festival. It is truly one of a kind.

Sydney Latin festival

The Sydney Latin festival is typically held in early February, but before you grab your winter jacket for the trip, keep in mind that this time of year is summertime in the “land down under” so instead of your wool button-up, you may want to grab your swimsuit. This glorious salsa celebration spans 4 fun-filled days, during which you’ll find plenty to keep yourself busy both day and night.

The workshops

Generally, the daylight hours are reserved for instructional workshops—a time when dancers will assemble according to their level of skill to be taught by some of the best salsa dance instructors in the entire world. Beginners can use these workshops to learn the basic steps, spins and other motions associated with their dance of choice, while advanced students can perfect and add to their current style as they emulate the innovative moves of the pros.

When instruction has concluded for the day, participants are offered a wide range of activities. Some may choose to visit the stunning salsa exhibits, while others may opt for a relaxing beach-side cocktail or a dip in the pool.

Nigtfall at the Sydney Salsa Congress

Anything goes at the Sydney Salsa Congress, but come nightfall you’d be wise to check out the amazing performances and demonstrations that are put on nightly by some of the best dancers worldwide.

But perhaps the preeminent events at the Sydney Latin festival are the often all-night parties where you can hit the ballroom floor and dance to your heart’s content with your favorite partner(s). With Latin-styled music blaring and the cocktails flowing, these galas, in which dancers can meet people from a wide range of cultures and ethnicities, are definitely the highlights of the weekend.

So whether you’re mad for Samba, bonkers about Bachata or zany for Zouk, you can always find what you love and more at the Sydney Salsa Congress.

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