The Swing Guys

The Swing Salsa group known as the Swing Guys is anything but conventional, but if you’re looking for a unique performance, or perhaps some original dance instruction—instruction which is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before—then the Swing Guys dance company is definitely worth checking out. The group is based in Italy, consisting of dancers from around the world, and has gained international acclaim and popularity for their ability to expertly and humorously combine elements of both salsa and swing to produce breathtaking, laugh-out-loud dance performances that are simply unforgettable.

The uniqueness of the Swing Guys

Salsa—and swing—are two of those rare genres that can transcend geographic and cultural barriers, a style of music and dance that is enjoyed equally by millions of people around the world. This is largely due to the freedom of interpretation that is inherent, even expected in each of these styles, which is where the Swing Guys really shine. Their shows offer a unique blend of styles and techniques that accentuate both the elegance and grace of salsa and the explosive power and speed of swing. Many have described their style as “Salsa Swing,” but perhaps even that title is a bit too limiting, failing to properly capture their unique and innovative style.

The popularity of the Swing Guys

When the Swing Guys first broke on to the salsa scene several years ago, they were almost instantly a sensation and a crowd favorite, a group that was heavily sought out for performances and instruction across the globe. Their relaxed and even sympathetic appearance, coupled with their knack for expertly combining the elements of both salsa and swing, has literally revolutionized the salsa dancing world.

Humor and Salsa togehter

As briefly mentioned above, perhaps the most appealing thing about the Swing Guy’s performances and instruction is how they incorporate humor into every routine they do or teach. In their workshops and performances they embody the sheer enjoyment of the salsa movement by demonstrating to participants how elements of swing can enrich and enliven the traditional salsa dance.

Performance o the Swing Guys

Invited thourgh the hole world

Although the majority of their instruction takes place at their studio in Italy, the Swing Guys are consistently invited to the various international salsa congresses in cities, countries and continents that include Los Angeles, New York, Spain, London, South America, Asia, and all throughout Europe. Eager to learn something new, congress participants in these foreign cities clamor to sign up for their classes and workshops. And when they perform for the crowds that are gathered, they are so popular that you’d better show up early or you may risk not getting a seat.

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