Super Mario:  From Mathematician to the Million Moves Man

When most people hear the name Super Mario they probably think of the popular Nintendo video game series, but in the world of Salsa the name Super Mario is synonymous with greatness. This salsa legend, who is perhaps best well known for his amazing ability to lead and a seemingly endless arsenal of fantastic moves and combinations, is known throughout the world for his teaching ability and salsa performances.

The story of Super Mario

Super Mario, known simply as Mario to his close friends and family, was born in India and came to the United Kingdom during his teenage years. He is extremely well-educated, holding an advanced degree in Mathematics, and although he works as an accountant in the UK, since 1998, when he decided to visit a Salsa nightclub with one of his close pals, his first and foremost love has always been Salsa.

Super Mario was a quick study when it came to Salsa dancing, and his innate ability to observe, understand, and break-down the power used to lead turn patterns has afforded him teaching opportunities around the world. In fact, at the very first congress that Super Mario attended, the instructors there immediately noticed his talent for developing and executing scores of imaginative moves, and as a result, he himself was asked to instruct.  This soon led to what Super Mario calls his “big break”:  an invitation to lead the workshops at the salsa congress in Toronto, Canada, and the rest, as they say, is history.

An instruction of Super Mario


Super Mario the 'Million Moves Man'

Super Mario’s ability to almost instantly create new movements and patterns throughout the years has earned him the title 'Million Moves Man' as well as many other recognitions and awards. Some of these include:

  • British Salsa Congress Award 2003:  “Contributing to promoting Salsa in the UK”
  • LA Salsa Congress Award, 2004:  “Contribution to Salsa music as a dancer and instructor”
  • Israeli Congress Award, 2004: “Contributing to promoting Salsa in Israel"
  • UK Congress Award, 2004, 2005, 2006: “Best UK Teacher—voted by students.

A beauty in motion

Perhaps it’s his mathematical aptitude or something else altogether, but Super Mario’s effortless style and power is simply beauty in motion. And although this Man of a Million Moves is perhaps best known for his impressive ability to lead, he is also revered for the way he always seems to give his Salsa partner the same freedom and opportunity for self-expression and originality.

When you watch the video below, you will see the leadings skills of Super Mario. This performance was at a Salsa Congress in Zurich.

From 'Super Mario' to 'Salsa Dancers'.