Seaon Bristol

Seaon Bristol, pronounced see-on and often referred to as Seaon Stylist, is a renowned salsa dancer, choreographer, and instructor living in Los Angeles, California.

He is probably best known for being a pioneer in the role of being a male follower, a position traditionally reserved for women.

Professional Singer

Born in Georgetown Guyana, Seaon Bristol started singing in his church choir with aspirations of becoming a professional singer. During this time, he also studied dance including jazz, ballet, and modern.

Seaon moved to New York City in 1991 at the age of fifteen when his parents sought out better opportunities for him and his brother.

Seaon went on to graduate from New York University with a Major in Finance and a minor in music. After his graduation it appeared as if he would reach his dream with singing gigs in New York and he even acted on both stage and screen. However, it was salsa that would draw him in.

Best male follower

Seaon Bristol has said that he was inspired to follow by watching men salsa dance together at a gay night club. Seaon actually learned how to follow before he learned how to lead, in his estimation, for an entire year and a half prior.

He started taking following classes in salsa at Razz M’ Tazz Dance Company a place where he would eventually teach the art of following. He went on to study with and dance for famous salsa dancer and teacher Eddie Torres. It only took Torres one lesson to realize Seaon’s dancing talent. Torres would invite Seaon to join his company and a mentorship ensued.

Frankie Martinez leads Seaon Bristol


Seaon Stylist has received criticism throughout his career from salsa purists angry with his blurring of traditional gender roles.

However, his ability to follow has allowed him to teach a wide range of dancers, in both leading and following. Instructor Nelson Flores has said, "Seaon is a better follower than most woman I’ve danced with."

Seaon Bristol the Salsa Teacher

Seaon teaches both private and group dance classes in salsa and mambo in the Los Angeles area and leads his own dance company which he started in 1999.

In addition, he sells a number of instructional DVDs on dancing. Seaon makes it a point to teach to dancers of any ability and age, even going as far to give free lessons to any child under the age of thirteen.

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