Santo Rico Dance Company

The Santo Rico Dance Company got together in 1995. The name of the dance company derived from the initial members of the group. Half of the group came from Santo Domingo and the other half from Puerto Rico. This is how the decided to name the group “Santo Rico".

Performing all over the World

SantoRico currently consists of over 15 very talented young men and women. Thomas Guerrero is the current director of the dance group. Under his direction, this group has become one of the worlds most famous dance performers. They are currently one of the most popular dance companies and are asked to perform at the hottest salsa events and congresses all over the globe. Amongst other countries the have travelled to Canada, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, UK, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Norway and Japan. Dazzling everyone with their detailed dancing style and amazing performance.

The off-Broadway Comedy Dancical "Latin Madness"

One of the achievements of the SantoRico Dance Company is performing at the legendary off-Broadway Comedy Dancical "Latin Madness," in Madison Square Garden. The have also performed alongside renowned artists such as Gilberto Santa Rosa, Tito Puente, Marc Anthony, Victor Manuelle, Norman Headman, Oscar De Leon, Jose Alberto, Raulin Rosendo and Johnny Pacheco.

Who can top this?

The group is credited as being one of the longest standing dance companies in the world. There will probably not be another salsa dance company that can top this list of achievements.

We have also selected some videos of wonderful performances of the SantoRico dance group.

Santo Rico - Performs Gangsta at SR Showcase

Santo Rico - Performing at the Hispanic Heritage Month

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