Salsa Tips and Tricks

Here you will find salsa tips and tricks that you will not find anywhere else!

When you go to explore new dance venues you never know what floor you get. Will it be a wooden floor or made of stone. Both floors can be great to dance on, but you might need different shoes for different floors.

What to do when the floor is slippery?

If you are used to wearing your dancing shoes it could be helpful to bring deodorant with you. This of course is helpful for sweating, but you can also apply it to the sole of your shoes. It will stiffen the sole of your shoe and gives you more grip on the floor. A bit of cola will also do the trick.

What to do when the floor is stiff?

Bring baby powder with you. If the floor is too stiff, straw some powder on the floor or apply it to the sole of your shoes. It makes the floor smooth and easy to dance on.

Extra clothes

Another tip is to bring a pair of extra clothes with you. Salsa dancing can be a real workout. For men an extra T-shirt should be enough. Women could bring an extra top. For great salsa outfits check out They have great affordable salsa outfits.

Bring a towel

For the same reason it is useful to bring a towel.

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