Salsa Showgroup

A salsa showgroup is a collection of dancers whose primary purpose is to perform for audiences at events ranging from salsa congresses to Latin nationality festivals to dance concerts. These groups are sometimes referred to as salsa dance companies, salsa dance groups, and salsa dance teams.

There are show groups for every level of skill, age group, and style available in the world of salsa.


Sometimes show groups require an audition process or an invitation to join, while others have programs for all abilities. In addition to putting on a good show, these groups concern themselves with promoting the salsa culture.

Creativity will be rewarded

Salsa showgroups will dance in the traditional style with a partner or in a freestyle configuration. Salsa show groups perform in a variety of on 1 and on 2 styles including amongst others Puerto Rican salsa, New York salsa, LA Style, the Cuban and Miami variations of Rueda De Casino, Dominicana style, street style, and Colombian style.

A show group performance also features solo performers and can include improvisation. These groups will dance to traditional music like salsa, mambo, cumba, and the Cuban son, but will also dance to other genres like house, R&B, disco, rock and roll, and jazz.

The use of creativity in a group’s choreography is endless and is rewarded by audiences who are looking for something new to push the boundaries of tradition.

Show groups will almost always wear a coordinated costume whether it is an elaborate ensemble with ruffled dresses and headpieces, outfits with a color design, or something simple like comfortable clothes featuring the logo or name of the dance company.

Entertainment or competition

Some salsa showgroups perform solely for the benefit of the dancers and the entertainment of an audience, while others are more serious about competing and winning prestige.

Some of the worlds best show groups can in seen in the team division of salsa competitions around the world.

Two of the world’s biggest competitions, the World Salsa Championship and the International Hustle and Salsa Competition, bring in some of the best show groups to perform.


The winner’s of these competitions can win cash prizes, trophies, and bragging rights. Many salsa show groups perform as a full time occupation and travel on a circuit from congress to congress to competition.


The primary mission of Abaqua, as taken from their website, is to “advance the art of Afro-Latin dance worldwide as a legitimate and established art form.” This, says the group, is accomplished using many different avenues, including local and international performances, constant presence and education.

Santo Rico Dance Company

Santo Rico is the longest-standing performance team in the world. Since launching their first choreography in 1996 Santo Rico has performed at many congresses all over the world and alongside many famous musicians.

They are recognized for their dazzling choreographies and their world-famous "Santo Rico spinning technique" initiated in 1998 by Tomas Guerrero.


Yamuleé, led by Osmar Peronnes, is based in New York. At this moment they are the most famous and the most invited show group of the world.

The dancers are currently travelling all over the globe to show their breathtaking, amazing and beautiful shows. They are known by their acrobatic actions, perfect detailed shines and musicality.

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