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Watching a salsa movie may not be as much fun as the real thing, but it will sure beat those nights when you do not feel like getting on your feet and going to the club.

These movies encompass many styles including comedy, drama, and action; mainly dancing action.

Salsa is featured in many movies, sometimes in just one scene, and other times as the focal point of the film. The following is just a short list of the many salsa movies available.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

The 2004 movie “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights” involves an American teenage girl dragged to Havana after the relocation of her father’s business.

While in Cuba she becomes attracted to a waiter who teaches her the art of salsa and love.

Salsa - The Motion Picture

“Salsa” is a 1988 knock off of the original “Dirty Dancing” film, which stars Robbie Rosa, an original member of the band “Menudo”.

Dance with Me

“Dance With Me” is a 1998 film which features Vanessa Williams and Chayanne, singer from the Spanish language boy group "Los Chicos".

Chayanne plays a Cuban who arrives in America looking for his estranged father who happens to run a failing dance studio. He and Williams then team up to win a salsa competition which will save his dad’s studio.

Along Came Polly

2004’s “Along Came Polly” follows a conservative Ben Stiller chasing after the wild Jennifer Anniston who happens to love salsa dancing.

The movie has hilarious night club scenes in which Stiller tries to learn to dance.

Center Stage

The 2000 film “Center Stage” has many dancing scenes in which the premiere members of the American Ballet Company let off some steam at a salsa nightclub.

The Lambada

Some movies also focus on variations of salsa dancing including two 1990 films which capitalized on the growing popularity of lambada.

In “Lambada”, a high school teacher struggles between his day job and his all night club dancing. When his kids find out about his dance skills, he teaches them a thing or two, but has to keep his secret safe from the rest of the school community.

Another lambada themed salsa movie is “The Forbidden Dance” which follows a socially conscious Amazon princess who attempts to win a nationally televised lambada competition in order to get out her message about a greedy land developer.

El Cantante

There are just as many salsa dancing movies based on the music as well as the dance. In “El Cantante”, Marc Anthony stars as the “King of Salsa” Hector Lavoe.

Jennifer Lopez also stars as Lavoe’s wife Puchi and narrates the story of the rise of salsa music in the 1970’s in America.

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