Salsa LA Style - Salsa On One

The Salsa LA style, also known as Salsa On One, is much influenced by Hollywood and by the swing & mambo dances. It is the most flashy style, and it is considered "more show than dance" by many.

The focus in the Salsa Los Angeles style is not so much on the complicated arm movements which are often used in the basic Cuban style. Additionally, the LA style turn patterns are normally "in-line", as opposed to "circular" in the Cuban style.

Two essential elements

The LA style dancers of today have refined it to produce a distinctive range of turn patterns. There are two essential elements of this dance, the forward/backward basic, and the cross-body lead. In this pattern, the leader steps forward on 1, steps to the right on 2-3 while turning 90 degrees counter-clockwise (facing to the left). The follower then steps forward on 5-6, and turns on 7-8, while the leader makes another 90 degrees counter-clockwise. After these 8 counts, the leader and follower have exchanged their positions.

Origin of the salsa LA style

Francisco Vazquez, along with his two brothers, Luis and Johnny, are often credited with developing the salsa LA style. Other people who also helped create LA Style as we know it are, Rogelio Moreno, Alex Da Silva, Joby Martinez, Cristian Oviedo, Liz Lira, Josie Neglia, Abel Pena and many others. Tony Cordero and Robert Menache helped spread the influence of the LA style to other parts of the U.S.

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