Salsa in Puerto Rico

Want to learn salsa and go on a holiday? You should learn salsa in Puerto Rico, where you can enjoy the sun, white sand beaches and rum cocktails. The city, the home of Mojito and Pina Colada, has the perfect elements for it.

Salsa dancing is so popular in Puerto Rico, that you will see it everywhere. This is one of the reasons the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress is held there every summer, in the San Juan Hotel in Isla Verda. If you’re not such a good dancer, you can take lessons in almost every bar or club in the city. These lessons are a perfect way to learn salsa dancing and dance the night away with locals. 

The island of enchantment

Puerto Rico is Spanish for ‘rich port’. The island is also known as ‘La Isla del Encanto’, which means ‘the island of enchantment’. The island of enchantment is in fact the best way to describe this sunny island. Not only will you enjoy the salsa dancing all over the island, you will also love the turquoise beaches, the beautiful rain forests and you can go hiking or scuba diving. It’s just a perfect place for tourists. 

Salsa lessons

All the information you need about salsa lessons in bars and clubs you will find at Salsa

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