Salsa in Havana:  A Cuban Holiday in the Birthplace of Salsa

After spending many tiresome months at work, chances are you want a holiday where you can simply “cut loose,” relieve some stress and try new things, and perhaps this year the solution to your woes is salsa in Havana. Havana salsa holidays are ideal for those looking to combine the rest and relaxation that is synonymous with a Cuban holiday with the challenge and excitement of traditional salsa dancing. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, a “weekend dancer” at your local salsa club or an advanced professional dancer, the salsa clubs in Havana, which offer several different tiers of instruction, are bound to have a program that is perfect for you.

Havana the birthplace of salsa

According to most experts, the roots of salsa dancing can be traced back to Cuba and the city of Havana, and although salsa holidays are indeed available in other parts of the world, Havana—the birthplace of salsa—definitely leads the pack with regard to these types of holidays.

Holiday in Havana

On holiday in Havana you can spend your days enjoying any number of land or water sports, sightseeing the majestic architecture, gazing at gorgeous landscapes or simply soaking up the Caribbean sun. And at night, after you are treated to some of the finest ethnic and traditional cuisine in the world, the music and dancing of salsa in Havana comes alive.

Words are simply not sufficient to describe the beats and rhythms of salsa music, but rest assured once the music fills the air—and your soul—the exhilaration you’ll feel will make it difficult NOT to dance. There are literally hundreds of salsa clubs and classes you can take advantage of when holidaying in Havana and the instructors there are not only patient, but eager to teach you the dance they love so well. Once there you’ll be treated to world-class performances by some of the most experienced and proficient salsa dancers in the world, making every night of your stay better than the one before. And once you get the steps down after working with your salsa instructor, you’ll find there is certainly no shortage of partners, allowing you to dance as much or as little as your heart desires.

Salsa in Havana

If you’re looking for a vacation that is out of the ordinary—a vacation that relieves stress and allows you to meet new friends from around the globe—than you simply must consider salsa in Havana as part of your overall travel plans.

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