Salsa in Colombia:  A Holiday You Won’t Forget

If you’ve been searching for a unique and interesting—even spicy—way to spend your vacation holiday this year, you might want to consider doing a little salsa in Colombia. Salsa holidays are becoming more and more popular with every passing year, and when it comes to holidays of this sort, there is perhaps no destination that can rival the picturesque country of Colombia. To help give you a clearer picture with regard to salsa in Colombia, here we will provide a little background information on salsa holidays, and show you why Colombia is generally considered the prime destination for travelers from around the world.

Salsa dancing holidays

Salsa dancing holidays—holidays that normally take place in many of the Southern European and Latin American countries, such as Cuba, Spain and Colombia—are vacation escapes that combine many of the conventional holiday activities—sun, sightseeing and exquisite dining—with the raucous fun and excitement of salsa dancing. Whether you’re an experienced salsa dancer or merely seeking an enjoyable way to get some much needed exercise (salsa dancing can burn about 450 calories an hour) salsa holidays are a great way to enjoy the local culture, food and to meet scores of fascinating people while dancing the night away.

The roots of Salsa

Salsa music is a form of Latin Pan-Caribbean musical expression, which takes its roots from Afro Cuban music. The music and accompanying dance are extremely popular in places such as Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Latin areas of New York and Miami, yet not one of these places can rival the salsa in Colombia.

Santiago de Cali the place for your salsa holiday

The city of Santiago de Cali in Colombia, called Cali for short, is generally considered the world capital when it comes to Salsa dancing, so it is no surprise that this small region is one of the “hotbeds” for salsa holidays.  In Cali there are close to 250 salsa schools and nearly 100 salsa orchestras to help teach and entertain prospective salsa dancers from around the world.  Each and every year, adventurous holiday-goers flock to the city of Cali for music, dancing and celebration, and this salsa-rich city never disappoints.  Some of the Salsa events include:

  • The Feria de Cal, a world-renowned salsa party held every December.
  • The Colombian Salsa Festival, held every September.
  • Monthly salsa extravaganzas at Delirio, a breathtaking experience that rivals the famed Cirque de Soleil.

During the day, vacationers can rest up while the enjoying the sun and tasty cocktails, but come nightfall, at famed Colombian nightclubs such as Tin Tin Deo and Zaperoco the city comes alive with the sounds, movements and all out excitement of Salsa in Colombia.

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