Salsa Holiday

We have selected the best salsa destinations for you. Check out the different countries you can visit and choose your favorite.

Salsa in Cuba

Where salsa-tunes floats trough little streets and mixes with sunlight and cigar smoke. Where salsa gives life a rhythm. Literally. If you really want to learn salsa, you should go to this sunny island. Because you’re going to the Caribbean’s largest island: Cuba.

Salsa in Puerto Rico

Want to learn salsa ánd go on a holiday? Go and learn salsa in Puerto Rico. Where you can enjoy the sun, white sand beaches and rum cocktails.

Salsa holiday in Barcelona

One of the countries you have to consider is Spain. In Spain Salsa is just around every corner. The best place to learn salsa is in Barcelona. There are a lot of ways to learn salsa in Barcelona. A lot of language schools offer you complete holidays: where you will learn the Spanish language in the mornings, and you will learn to dance salsa in the evenings.

Salsa in Colombia

If you’ve been searching for a unique and interesting way to spend your vacation holiday, than you have to consider a salsa holiday in Colombia. Doing salsa workshops, drinking cocktails and visit nightclubs all in one vacation.

Salsa in Havana

An other option is spending your vacation in Havana. Havana salsa holidays are ideal for those looking to combine the rest and relaxation that is synonymous with a Cuban holiday with the challenge and excitement of traditional salsa dancing.

Additional to booking an holiday package you can also choose to plan a salsa holiday yourself. If you are the adventures type you will enjoy searching for the popular salsa venues in the city of your destination.

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