Salsa for Kids: The combination of Exercise and Fun

If you’ve been searching for some fun and motivating activities for your children, perhaps you should consider salsa for kids. Salsa dancing is an incredible way to get your kids up, moving and away from those video games this summer, and chances are, once they get the hang of this increasingly popular dance, they’ll be begging you to take them again and again. In this article we will explore some of the positive benefits of salsa for kids, and highlight some of the steps and movements they will typically learn as a member of the class.

The Benefits of Salsa for Kids

While many might think of salsa dancing as an exclusively adult activity, it can actually provide a number of benefits for children of all ages. Some of these include:

  • Exercise: Salsa dancing features fast movements that involve every part of the body—a great workout for young and old.
  • Coordination: Learning to dance the required steps, especially with a partner, will help children gain coordination and a better sense of body control.
  • Rhythm: Salsa dancing will improve a child’s sense of rhythm and teach them to appreciate new forms of music.
  • Creativity: Dance teaches children to express themselves creatively and understand that “nobody gets it right all the time. ”In addition to these benefits children will learn self-control, self-discipline and determination—qualities that will benefit them not only as a salsa dancer, but in other parts of their lives as well.

Salsa for Kids:  What Types of Things Will They Learn?

Among the things your child can learn from salsa dance classes are:

  • Appreciation of music — Children in salsa classes will learn to appreciate the rhythm and timing involved in Latin music.
  • When to lead and when to follow — and how to interact socially with their partner.
  • Shines — a solo part of salsa dancing consisting of both arm and footwork.
  • Spins — as children progress in the class, spins, which are a more advanced technique, will also be added.

The aerobic exercise for your kids

Salsa dancing is a fantastic form of aerobic exercise and the perfect outlet for learning to express one’s self in an unrestrictive way. Perhaps this is why these types of classes are so ideal for children who are just now discovering themselves.

Some talented salsa kids

On the internet you can find a lot of videos of very talented salsa kids. On the two videos below you will see two performances of well talented kids.


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