Salsa Dancing Holidays

Salsa dancing holidays are organized trips to a salsa related destination complete with classes, entertainment, parties, cocktails, sight seeing, and most importantly relaxation.

Complete salsa trips

These trips are most often package deals that include hotel accommodations, dance classes every day, organized parties, meals, tour guides to help you navigate around destinations, and plenty of time to explore the sights. The holiday can last from just a couple days to a week or more. Dance holidays also come in other styles like tango, flamenco, belly dancing, ballroom, swing, and Bollywood.

Thousands of cities

Salsa holidays can take you to thousands of cities in just about every country that has a word for salsa. These trips are usually open to anyone who wishes to attend, but also come tailored to individuals, singles, couples, youths, and the elderly.

Great opportunity for beginners

A holiday is a great opportunity for beginners, as they can become fully immersed in the dance, culture, language, and people of salsa. Often for a higher price, a holiday can be customized to your specific interests. Trips can also be customized for your large group, whether it be your family or dance company. These trips come in small groups of say fifteen to twenty people but can also be large groups of one hundred or more.

Many of the more popular and larger holidays feature celebrity and guest instructors as well as renowned live bands.

Most salsa dancing holidays also include other dance styles such as bachata, zouk and meringue.

Salsa dancing holidays

Even our ancestors felt the urge to dance. Salsa dancing has been part of their nature so way stop now? A salsa holiday is a great way to improve your salsa dancing skills, enjoy culture & sun and meet new people.

Did you know that salsa dancing helps you burn about 450 calories per hour? It would be very likely for you to improve your physical condition and to lose some extra pounds during your salsa dancing holiday.

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