Famous salsa dancers

Who are today's famous salsa dancers? Who are these living legends that influence the future of salsa dancing? 

We will introduce you to some very well known dancers from all over the world. We will tell their story and inform you on how they have influences on salsa dancing as we know it today. 

Eddie Torres

When we speak of salsa dancing we have to start in New York City. Eddie Torres was born in Spanish Harlem in 1050 and has dedicated his life to teaching salsa in his own distinctive style.

Johnny Vazquez

When we speak of salsa L.A. Style we speak of Johnny Vazquez. He is a dance phenomenon with an incredible energy that is completely infectious.

Juan Matos

Growing up as a young boy in Santa Domingo, Juan “Pachanga” Matos had dreams of becoming a famous dancer. It wasn't untill 1997 when he was first introduced to the Mambo, that his dreams of dancing professionally began to become a reality.

Frankie Martinez

Frankie Martinez was born in Forest Hills, New York and is of Puerto Rican descent. Martinez is one of the world’s most well know salsa dancer, choreographer and teacher. He is also the founder of the ABAKUA Afro-Latin Dance Company.

Magna Gopal

Magna’s passion for salsa commenced almost immediately after watching the movie Dance with Me. The music and dance inspired her, that she decided to sign up for Cumbria classes to learn the basic timing and steps.

Seaon Bristol

Seaon Bristol is a renowned salsa dancer, choreographer, and instructor living in Los Angeles, California. He is famous for his role of being a male follower, a position traditionally reserved for women.

Leon Rose

Leon Rose is a London born Caribbean dancer, instructor, and choreographer. He is regarded as one of, if not the best, salsa dancer in the United Kingdom. For all the performing that he does, it is the teaching that Leon Rose loves the most.

Super Mario

In the world of Salsa the name Super Mario stands for a greatness. Super Mario is a salsa dancer with some great salsa skills. Mario has an amazing ability to lead and a seemingly endless arsenal of fantastic moves and combinations.


Talal was a student who enjoyed the nigtlife. In clubs in Belgium Talal found out that he was a great salsa dancer. Being aware of this talent he decided to invest in it. Nowadays he is a famous salsa dancer who als performs during international events.

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