Salsa Dance Videos for beginners

If you are just getting started, these salsa dance videos will help you understand the basics of salsa dancing. 

Salsa basic step forward movement

This first salsa dance video shows you the salsa basic step forward movement. A great basic step to start with if salsa is totaly new to you. You can practice the forward movement first, and then go to the next salsa dance video, demonstrating the backward movement.


Salsa basic step backward movement

The next step to salsa is the salsa basic step backward movement. It is simular to the forward movement, but this time you are stapping backwards. Combining these two movements brings you to the basic salsa steps which we also call "mambo".


Salsa basic steps with partner

This video shows you the basic salsa step "mambo". This is a combination of the dorward and backward movement as you have been able to learn in the first two salsa dance videos. In this salsa video the steps are demonstration by a couple. They also demonstrate the salsa side-step and the salsa backbreak. These three steps form the basics of salsa dancing. 


Salsa beginners lesson 1

Are you ready for the next step? This video takes you through the steps shown in the previous salsa dance videos, and taking it one step futher. For salsa parntering this video shows you the correct salsa position. It will also teach you how the man can lead the woman. Finally they will take show you how to perform the salsa basic turn.


Salsa beginners lesson 2

This video demonstrates the salsa cross body lead. This technique is used most often in salsa dancing and will take you to the next level. The basic cross body lead can be used in many diffenrt ways. When you master this technique you can start adding right and left turns to it.


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