Salsa dance videos

We have selected several interesting salsa dance videos for you. 

Have you never danced salsa before and you want to learn the basics of salsa? Check out our salsa dance instruction videos.

Funny salsa dancing videos

Salsa performances can also be very funny. Somethimes it was meant to be funny, and sometimes it just turns out that way. In both cases it will put a smile on your face. 

Bachata Dance Videos

On our Salsa Dance Professional website we also provide you with interesting Bachata video's. From instruction video's for beginners to professional bachata performances. 

Bachata videos for beginners

You don't have to dance salsa to learn bachata. The basic steps are very different from the salsa basics steps. Bachata is mostly slow and easy. There are also uptempo songs, but still most of the time you will dance in a closed position. 

Videos of professional bachata performances

These video's give a great impression of how bachata can be danced. It is beautiful and sensual. 

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