The Salsa Dance Company:  Watching and Learning From the Best

In the salsa community, the salsa dance company is vital for their innovative contributions to the style, but perhaps one of the most prominent aspects of the salsa dance company is how truly dedicated they are to spreading salsa internationally. These dance groups, which are typically made up of professional men and women dancers from around the world who are versed in a variety of Latin dance styles, serve not only to showcase the salsa dance and perform it for those who enjoy it, but also to teach the movements and various aspects of this increasingly popular dance style to people the world around. In the various annual salsa congresses that take place internationally, salsa dance companies are regularly invited to instruct at demonstrations and workshops, and as a result, salsa as a true art form continues to expand globally.

You can find salsa everywhere

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of salsa dance companies in the world, and while you may suppose that these groups are only found in countries where Latin culture is predominant, they can actually be found in countries around the world. From Milan to San Francisco to London to Hong Kong these groups bring the joy of the salsa movement to the masses and demonstrate that this movement is far more than just a passing fad.

Some Famous Salsa Dance Companies

While there are many, many salsa dance companies, each offering something new and exciting to the world of salsa, there are several groups that have become well-known around the world. Some of these include:

  • Tropical Gem: Led by the flashy and innovative Fernando Sosa, Tropical Gem is famous for incorporating many different styles and genres and expertly infusing these styles into their salsa routines.
  • Flamboyan Dancers: The incomparable Marco B. is the choreographer and artistic director for this salsa dance company based in Milan, Italy.  This group, among other things, specializes in transforming traditional Caribbean rhythms into modern dance.
  • Swing Guys: The Swing Guys salsa dance company is sought after worldwide for instruction, but where they really shine is in their performances—performances that consist of a blend of salsa and swing movements with a humorous flair.

Other dancegroups

There are, of course, others groups who are also recognized internationally and consistently asked to instruct or perform. However, the three mentioned above is a good cross-section and should give you an idea with regard to the amazing versatility and originality that these salsa dance companies offer, and moreover, a glimpse into why these groups are so important to the future of the salsa movement.

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