Salsa Cuba; where salsa gives life a rhythm

Of course, you can learn salsa in a crappy and nearly expired community center in the neighborhood. It’s cheap and easy to access. Who cares if the music is from the past century? You can barely hear it anyway, because of the highway next to the building. And who cares all your neighbors are in the same class as you are? Right.

Learn salsa on an island

If you do care about such things, you might want to read this article and buy enough summer outfits. Because you’re going to the Caribbean’s largest island: Cuba.

Where salsa-tunes floats trough little streets and mixes with sunlight and cigar smoke. Where salsa gives life a rhythm. Literally. If you really want to learn salsa, you should go to this sunny island.

The new marketing mix: Sun, sea and salsa

In the past fifty years Cuba has been a perfect place for a sunny beach holiday. The sun, sea and beach were the perfect marketing mix. And although there must be different opinions about Castro, he did one thing right: Cuba stayed Cuba. The Cuban life is practically unchanged for the past fifty years.

The successful marketing mix now has a new pillar: salsa. A lot of Western people discovered the enlightening and sensual dance and now travel to the other side of the world. Just to dance. They dance on the streets of Havana, go see the best salsa bands perform in the famous Casa the Trova (in Santiago the Cuba) and eat at one of the many paladares (home restaurants) in Baracao, where they say you can find the best Cuban food.

Salsa cuba

As you see, many people swap the community center around the corner for a salsa journey in cities like Havana, Baracoa or Santiago de Cuba. Can you blame them?

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