Salsa costumes

Whether doing a demonstration or taking part in a tournament at any level, you want to stand out. Your salsa costumes can do this for you. By choosing the right salsa costume you make sure you have a unique and comfortable experience on competition floor.

On- or offline shopping

Finding the right salsa costumes to wear is a big deal. Give yourself enough time to find the perfect outfit. You can search in boutiques or on the internet. We recommand for all your online shopping. 

Custom design salsa clothes

If you have a good idea of what it is you want, custom dancewear might be the best solution for you. Custom design is the norm for most professional salsa performers.

Hire a good costum designer who understands the needs of comfort, fit, and manoeuvrability when the dancer is wearing the outfit. This will ensure a successful show.

Make sure that the male and female outfits match perfectly. Use the same fabrics and the same colours. If the woman is wearing a short skirt, make sure she is wearing matching shorts underneath her salsa skirt.

Salsa accessories

Other details are just as important as the basics of the salsa costumes. Find the right stockings. Will she wear ribbons or flowers in her hair? What belt should the male dancer choose? Some dancers go for glitter and shine. Others prefer a loose functional fit. But always look for comfort and style when shopping.

Complete your salsa costumes with shoes

Salsa shoes are an essential part of the outfit. If you want to make the picture complete, make sure the shoes match the outfit.

For more information, check out our webpage on salsa dance shoes.

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