Salsa Accessories

When going salsa dancing, no one forgets a comfortable outfit, a costume for their performance, dancing shoes, or a change of clothes.

But there is also a wealth of salsa accessories that can make your dancing life easier and more enjoyable. Or at the very least more fashionable both on and off the dance floor. Accessories can come in handy during a performance, while practicing, or when out at a night club.

Salsa Bags

A duffle bag is a very important salsa accessory no matter where you go. Dancing often requires everything from a change of clothes, a water bottle, CD’s to practice with, and extra shoes.

Trusty bag

Salsa bags come in a variety of style and act as a great place to put all of your stuff, and almost every serious dancer has a trusty bag to put their gear.

Bags for salsa can come embroidered with your name and can also feature salsa related designs. Pick up a signature bag from your dance company, dance school, or the salsa congress you recently attended.

Customize a design with salsa accessories

So what other salsa accessories can you put in your fancy new dancing bag? A change of clothes is a great place to start, and salsa related t-shirts, sweat suits, pajamas, and hats are sold at salsa congresses, salsa performances, and just about any place salsa is happening.

Clothing accessories that display various national flags and emblems from Latin countries are also very popular in the salsa community.

Clothing manufacturers can make new styles very easily and are often more than happy to customize a design for you or your salsa friends. They even make salsa clothes for babies and pets.


Other great salsa accessories include a wristband, headband, or towel in order to keep off the sweat that undoubtedly accumulates on the bodies of salsa dancers. It is never a good idea to drip all over the dance floor or to grab your partners hand when yours is soaking wet.


Many salsa dancers also prefer to use earplugs to counteract loud bands and the DJ’s speakers they may find themselves dancing right beside. Earplugs come in the classic rubber style that can be purchased at any grocery store as well as higher priced musician’s earplugs designed not to muffle the sound. These are just a handful of the accessories that can be found from vendors at salsa events, online, and through dance stores.

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