The Paris Mambo Festival: A Salsa Extravaganza

The Paris Mambo Festival is an annual event celebrating the sounds, dance, food, fashion and culture of the salsa movement, and if you’ve never experienced this event you may want to add it to your salsa wish-list. You may know that salsa-themed congresses, workshops and festivals are very popular the world over, taking places in destinations throughout Europe, South America, North America and even Asia, but for quite a long time the city of Paris was conspicuously absent from the list of destinations. That has all changed now. Since the inception of the Paris Mambo festival in 2007 you can now add Paris, France to the list of favorite salsa-festival destinations. To give you a bit of background on the Paris Mambo Festival, in this article we will briefly outline some of the more pertinent facts, including when it usually takes place and the events you can expect to see and do while you’re there.

When Is the Paris Mambo Festival?

While the official dates of the Paris Mambo Festival may vary from year to year, since 2007, when the inaugural festival was held, the festivities have taken place on the first weekend in June. Generally, the festival will begin on Friday and conclude on Sunday, but just to be sure make certain you consult their official website as the event draws near.

Activities and Events

While visiting the Paris Mambo Festival, there will definitely  be no shortage of salsa events and activities to keep you busy.  Below are just a few things you can expect:

  • Salsa: The Paris Mambo Festival is billed as 3 full days of non-stop salsa.  This includes salsa music and performances, instruction and workshops and plenty of opportunities for sizzling social dancing.
  • Workshops: The number of workshops featured at the Paris Mambo festival has risen each year since the inaugural event in 2007.  Now you can expect over 45 workshops led by some of the most proficient and exciting salsa dancers in the world.  Whether you’re a complete beginner, a salsa dancing professional or something in between, the Paris Mambo Festival will keep you busy learning all the latest salsa steps and moves.

Workshop Yamulee during Paris Mambo Festival

  • Parties: Salsa-themed parties are held every night at the Paris Mambo Festival.  These parties feature the best in Latin cuisine, salsa fashion shows and lots and lots of salsa and other Latin dancing.
  • Shows and Performances: Want to see how the professionals dance?  At the Paris Mambo festival you’ll be treated to nightly shows and performances featuring some of the finest international salsa dancers.

A performance at the Paris Mambo Festival


Meet new people

In addition to the exciting activities and breathtaking performances at the Paris Mambo festival, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet and dance with hundreds of new and interesting people from around the world, all of whom share your passion for salsa and the salsa lifestyle.

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