Miami Salsa Congress

The Miami salsa congress, an initiative of Salsa Lovers, was first held in 2002. Usually it takes place somewhere end of July, beginning of August. This time of year Miami is the salsa hotspot of the U.S. What is different from most congresses is that this congress takes place during a period of 5 days instead of the more common 3 day period.

The mission of the first Miami salsa congress in 2002 was to bring salsa lovers from al over the world to the warm and sunny Miami with the perfect salsa climate. Due to its success it became a yaerly event.

Performers from all over the world

For a total of five days you can enjoy over 80 live showcases. Some of the best Salsa DJ’s & Live Bands in the industry will be there for you to enjoy. You can go to dance workshops with the best instructors from around the world.

This year performers from Canada, Colombia, Venezuela and other countries are coming to Miami to show you there latest dance performances. They will amaze you with there beautiful and spectacular shows! Not only will you be able to see there show, but you will also be able to learn from them, as most performers will also give workshops during the day. So be sure to attend the salsa workshops of your favourite salsa performers.

Congress location

The congress location is right on the beach. So during your break you can go to the beach for a swim and enjoy the sun. The salsa parties are held at some of the hottest places around Miami such as the Ache nightclub and the Yuca lounge. The location for all the workshops is also a beautiful place called the Miami beach resort & spa.

Shani Talmor & Ernesto Bulnes - Performance at the Miami Salsa Congress


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