Magna Gopal: A Self-Taught Wonder of the Salsa World

There can be no debate that Magna Gopal is one of the top international performers and instructors in the salsa dancing scene, but perhaps most impressive is that she credits her fabulous salsa dancing, and her skill as an instructor to the fact that she is self taught. Known worldwide for her seemingly effortless grace and fluidity, coupled with unmatched precision on the dance floor, Magna’s complete understanding with regard to body awareness and natural movement has allowed her to quickly climb to the top of the salsa world.

The story of Magna Gopal

Magna Gopal was born in India and raised in Toronto, Canada, and according to those that know her best, Magna’s passion for salsa commenced almost immediately after watching the movie Dance with Me. The music and dance so inspired her, that she decided to sign up for Cumbria classes to learn the basic timing and steps, but Magna quickly outgrew the slow and methodical pace of the class and she decided to do it alone. Soon she was going out every night to the local clubs, taking every opportunity to dance with the best leaders possible, and her skills with regard to following her leads and the executing of spins rapidly improved. Many believe it was this self-taught approach that enabled Magna to develop such a keen sense of body awareness—a sense that has allowed her to rise to the top of her profession, and one which gave her the ability to almost effortlessly impart this knowledge to the students she taught.

Video: Magna Gopal


Magna Gopal nowadays

Today Magna’s passion for salsa and her creative aptitude for teaching have allowed her to travel around the world working as a renowned performer and instructor. Although she now calls the New York and New Jersey area home, Magna’s creative interpretation of the music and her ability to effortlessly follow any lead or spin has made this “salsa queen” extremely popular throughout South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and North America.

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