Learn Salsa Now!

If you have decided you want to learn salsa, the best thing to do is to search for quality salsa dance classes. Most salsa dance school will offer you the opportunity to try out their classes.

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Find a teacher which you feel comfortable with and who has a dancing style that appeals to you. Go to several different salsa dancing schools until you find the right one for you.

Dancing partner

In most cases you do not have to bring a dancing partner. You can join the class alone or with a friend. Or you can find your dancing partner on the internet. There are websites available where you can find your salsa partner and join the classes together.

In order to become a skilled salsa dancer, practice is important. I advice you to practice several days a week. You can practice at home, alone or with a partner.

There are also many salsa parties, salsa holidays, events and congresses where you can go to practice your skills. As soon as you know the salsa basic steps this is a great way to learn. You will have the opportunity to dance with many different people.


This is a crucial part of salsa dancing. Every person is unique and therefore dances differently. Every man has his own, unique way of leading and every woman has her unique way of following.

Instruction DVD's

Another way to learn salsa is through salsa dancing instruction DVD’s which are available on the internet.

Even though I recommend salsa classes to start with, the DVD’s are a great supplement. Especially when you become more advanced salsa DVD’s are a great way to improve you skills at home.

Online salsa training

Another way to learn salsa is with online videos. You can learn the basics with those videos but also become a pro by watching those movies.

Other options to learn salsa

You can also check out our selection of online salsa dance video's for beginners or our articles about salsa timing and salsa tips.

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