Las Vegas Salsa Congress

The Las Vegas Salsa Congress brought to you every year by Sin City Salseros and Alberto Torres Productions. If you have always loved to visit Las Vegas, and you love to dance salsa, this is a great opportunity to combine these two.

This salsa congress is an exciting one. Talent from all over the world is brought to this event to show you there new shows. During workshops the best teachers will share their new moves with you.

Salsa showgroups that have already performed at one of the earlier congresses in Las Vegas are Topical Gem, Danza, Tito and Tamara, Salsa Divas, Luis & Shirley and many more.

Great party's

Not only you will see the best performers, the party would not be complete without talented musicians and famous DJ’s. Starting at the pre party of the Las Vegas Salsa Congress you can expect live music. Then a band will also be playing on Friday and Saturday. They will share the stage with great DJ’s from different corner of the globe.

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Workshops for everyone

Many of the performing showgroups will teach during the day. During two days you will be able to attend as many workshops as you can handle. Because the people who come to the congress are of different salsa dancing levels, there are workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. You will not feel left out!

Don’t forget, a salsa congress is a great place to buy your salsa shoes!

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