La Excelencia

Julian Silva and Jose Vazquez-Cofresi formed La Excelencia in 2005. There home base is New York City. Julian and Jose started this orchestra with the intention of bringing a new outlook to salsa music by being hip, young, writing about social issues, yet not losing the true roots of salsa.

Salsa Con Conciencia

Their first album “Salsa Con Conciencia”, released in 2006, was highy received all over the world. Without any major distribution they managed to sell over 9000 units. There music is referred to as original and refreshing with a serious but positive message. The 10 composition of their debut album are very divers. The sing about about the African Roots of salsa but also about the daily struggles.

With the immediate success of 'Salsa Con Conciencia', the orchestra for New York City began touring. They performed at festivals, salsa congresses and other venues around the world.

Second album

In January 2009 Excelencia released their second album 'Mi Tumbao Social'. Already thousands of CD’s have been sold. There success is still going strong. They are touring all over the world and do not plan to stop any time soon.

La Excelencia

For more information about La Excelencia and their discography, visit this page about La Excelencia. On this page you can also see their awards and who the other members are of this dancegroup.

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