Johnny Vazquez

For Johnny Vazquez salsa is more than a hobby. It’s a way of life. Johnny was born on January 27th in 1979 in Guadelajara Mexico.

Johnny was mostly interested in soccer. It wasn’t until he arrived in Los Angeles, at the age of 14, that he started salsa dancing.

He was determined to learn how to dance salsa after he was left behind on the dance floor in L.A. by some girl who was not impressed by his dancing skills.

First dance competition

One year later he was competing in salsa dancing competitions. He had his first performance at a local club named "Sportmen's Lodge" together with his partner at that time, Claudia Riva.

Team Bacardi De La Salsa

In 1997 Johnny participated at the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress. He then became part of the "Team Bacardi De La Salsa". After joining this team he traveled the world to perform.

Johnny won 3 years in a row at a professional level salsa competition in Los Angeles. His career as a professional salsa performer and teacher took off. His dance partner at that time was Carolina Sarisola.

He formed his own dance group

In 2002 he decided to live in Valencia Spain. He formed his dance group "Johnny Vazquez y su imperia azteca". Johnny is considered the greatest L.A. style dancer today, winning first place at many national and international competitions.

Videos of Johnny "L.A. Style" Vazquez

Some of the performances of Johnny Vazquez and his dancegroup can you watch online. The videos below also show some performances.

Johnny Vasquez at the UK salsa congress


Vazquez & Ramon Morales, L.A. Style


Johnny Vazquez & Carolina Cerisola


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