Hong Kong Salsa Congress in Asia’s “World City”

Have you made plans yet to attend the Hong Kong Salsa Congress? If not, and if you’re a fan of salsa dancing and the salsa lifestyle, perhaps you should think about it. While you may be thinking that Hong Kong is a surprising and unexpected locale to host a salsa event, you’d be astounded by the wonderful job the organizers of this event do each and every year in putting on this salsa extravaganza. To help give you an idea about what you can expect, in this article we will provide a brief history of the Hong Kong Salsa Congress and outline some of the events and attractions that make this event so extraordinary—so extraordinary, in fact, that year after years the event continues to draw hundreds of salsa lovers from around the world.

The Hong Kong Salsa Festival

The Hong Kong Salsa Congress, also known as the Hong Kong Salsa Festival is hosted by the city of Hong Kong, a city familiarly known as “Asia’s world city” for its tremendous cultural and ethnic diversity.  This six-day event, which is usually held in February or early March, attracts salsa lovers and dancers of all abilities from around the world.  Now in its 11th year, the festival consistently draws people from 20 nations and over 30 cities, including places such as the United States, Australia, England, Vietnam, Beijing, New Zealand, India and Shanghai.

The workshops and other events

The Hong Kong Salsa Congress offers a blend of workshops conducted by some of the most renowned salsa instructors in the world, star-studded performances, and nightly galas with plenty of opportunities for mingling and social dancing. At one of the 40+ workshops that are offered during this bustling and exciting week you’ll learn dances and styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Bollywood, Cabaret, Pachanga, Cha Cha, Mambo and Kizomba.  And it makes no difference what your skill level is either.  There are workshops for beginners, intermediate dancers and even those who currently dance professionally.

At the festival you’ll also be treated to world-class performances and competitions that feature the top salsa dancers from around the world, followed by nightly galas where you can mingle with your fellow participants and practice your new moves.

The city Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an ideal location for an event like this, with plenty of things to do and see when you’re not shaking to the salsa beat. The shops and attractions in Hong Kong, for example, are like no other in the world and the restaurants feature the finest local and ethnic cuisine. No other event in the Asia-Pacific region draws more people overseas than the Hong Kong Salsa Congress, and once you’ve experienced the fun and excitement this week has to offer, chances are you’ll continue to visit year after year.

Performance of the winners (team Colombia) of the Hong Kong salsa congress in 2013

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