Funny Salsa Dancing Videos

We have collected some funny salsa dancing videos for you. Sometimes the performance is meant to be funny and sometimes it just turned out that way. Because when people perform, mistakes are made.

Dancing baby

You are never too young to dance. Babies are great dancers. This video will show you a very young and talented salsa dancer.

Dancing granny

After seeing the baby dancing you know that age does not matter. How old you are is also not important. In this video you will see a great performance of an older woman dancing the salsa with a younger man.

Professional and funny dancing

The second funny salsa video is of a group of salsa dancers having a good time and enjoying themselves on stage. Not only is this a great performance also some funny things happen along the way.

Mas Salsa Brava

The thirth funny video was also meant to be funny. Luis Vazquez and Melissa put on a great performance at Mas Salsa Brava 2007 in Monaco.

The show consists of 2 parts. The first part is the funny part. After the funny performance, which by the way is also technically a great performance, they continue the show and deliver an amazing continuance. Take a look at the funny beginning of their performance in Monaco 2007.

Funny salsa dancing

Salsa shows often have a theme. It can be related to the lyrics or the dancers come up with something they feel fits the song. In the next video the performers Wim and Barbara choose to create a funny salsa show and dress up as clowns.

Of course they did more then dress up as clowns, they also behaved as clowns during the show and created a funny and entertaining show. Have a look!

Funny dancing dog

The next video will demonstrate that salsa is not only for people; also dogs love to dance salsa. This dog will definitely impress you dancing on two feet.

The Mambo Kings

Some serious salsa dancers are entertaining their audience. The mambo kings are dressed to impress and have many surprises in store for you during this funny salsa dancing performance.

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