Flamboyan Dancers

The Flamboyan Dancers are a salsa dance company based in Milan, Italy who perform and instruct around the world.  The company was founded in 2004 by Marco B.—the group’s leading dancer, director and choreographer. The Flamboyant Dancers include men and women from Italy, Puerto Rico and El Salvador, and they are widely recognized as one of the best and most innovative international dance companies in the entire world.

The uniqueness of the Flamboyan Dancers

What really sets the Flamboyan Dancers apart from many of the earlier salsa dance companies is their stunning originality. Due largely to the creativity of the group’s front man, Marco B, the Flamboyant Dancers have been able to incorporate a number of different styles and genres—styles such as the rumba, mamba, hip-hop and jazz—to produce some of the most innovative performances and workshops the salsa world has ever seen.

After the group was formed in 2004, it didn’t take long before they began to perfect their unique style. They debuted to wide acclaim in 2005 with the groundbreaking show “Homenaje a Eddie Palmieri”, a show that truly caught the attention of the salsa world. This was followed by “El Mulato,” a performance with which they participated in the European tour of Larry Harlow in 2006.

The shows 'Locura' and 'Felicidad'

Although the Flamboyan Dancers’ first two shows were certainly popular, it wasn’t until 2007 that the group would become a “household name” in the salsa world. It was in this year that they presented two brand new shows that would highlight the group’s amazing power and versatility. The first of these was a show called “Locura,” a performance which can best be defined as a modern interpretation to the traditional rhythms of the Caribbean. The second was “Felicidad,” a powerful, men-only dance, set to original music with awe-inspiring choreography.

Locura - Flamboyan Dancer


Felicidad - Marco B. & Flamboyan Dancers


The two friends realization of a lifelong dream

Later, in December of 2007, Marco B’s Flamboyan Dancers would team up with another salsa dance group, Tropical Gem, led by Marco’s close friend Fernando Sosa. Together they staged the musical “Fantasia,” choreographed jointly by Marco B and Sosa—a project that Marco B would later call “the two friend’s realization of a lifelong dream.”

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