Eddie Torres

Eddie Torres was born on the 3dr of July in 1950. He was raised by his Puerto Rican parents in Spanish Harlem in New York City. He started dancing when he has 12 years old. Due to a crush he had on a girl who could dance Latin, he was determined to learn the moves.

He would go to clubs and hang out with the experienced dancers to study their moves, imitate them and slowly learned the foundation of salsa.

Eight years later, Eddie had become a teacher. He was also competing in dance contests. He now had a reputation of being one of the best Latin dancers.

One of the best

Today Torres is one of the most famous salsa dance instructors in the world. Through his dance school he teaches people how to dance salsa in his own distinctive style.

He has trained thousands of dancers, including the famous contemporary dancers such as Frankie Martinez and Seaon Bristol.

When Eddie met Maria, his future wife, she soon became his dance partner as well. She was a fast learner, and within three years she had become the best dance partner he had ever had.

Tito Puente

In 1980 Eddie contacted Tito Puente to take him up on a offer Tito had made him years earlier. He was ready to perform on stage with Tito Puente and his band.

His debut show with Tito Puente took place at the New York Coliseum. He performed to two songs, Cayuco and Palladium Days. The performance was a great success.

As off that moment Eddie and Maria would perform everywhere Tito went. Quickly they became a fixed part of the show.

June Laberta

June Laberta's mentoring was decisive in Eddie's teaching career. Thanks to June Laberta, Eddie's steps all have names. No salsa teacher had done that before to this extend. Eddie has brought salsa teaching to a higher level.

Video's with Eddie Torres

Eddie & Maria at the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress 2007.

Eddie Torres & Nancy Ortiz - Arinanara.

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