Eddie Palmieri

Palmieri is a Puerto Rican pianist and bandleader who is known for his unique blending of traditional Latin music with jazz and funk rhythms. He has over fifty years of experience in music including multiple tours around the world and nine Grammy Awards.


Eddie Palmieri was born on December 15th 1936 as Carlos Manuel Palmieri in New York’s Spanish Harlem. He is the brother of famous salsa bandleader, the late “Giant of the Keyboards” Charlie Palmieri. With a talented older brother as a mentor, Palmieri started the piano as a young child and at the age of eight was accompanying his Charlie in various talent contests and at the age of eleven, Palmieri performed at Carnegie Music Hall. 

Palmieri was also multi-talented and had to give up his skilled timbales playing at the age of fifteen in order to concentrate on the piano.

La Perfecta

Palmieri officially started his career in music in the early 1950’s with Eddie Forrester's Orchestra. This would be followed by stints with Johnny Sequi’s band and with the Tito Rodriquez Orchestra. It was not until 1961 that Palmieri formed his own band La Perfecta, a musical group with which he would forever be tied. The group’s unique instrumentation utilized trombones instead of the trumpets common in Latin bands of the time, awarding them the moniker, "The band with the crazy roaring elephants". La Perfecta was know for mixing styles like salsa, jazz, and funk. For all of his hard work, Palmieri won his first Grammy Award, as well as the first for Latin Music, for the “The Sun of Latin Music” in 1975.

Eddie Palmieri is still Going Strong

Today, Palmieri is still going strong as a musician and recording artist with his band La Perfecta II. He has recorded thirty six albums to date with his most recent being 2006’s “The Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project: Simpático”, which one a Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album. He has received many other accolades for his musicianship including an honorary doctorate from the Berklee College of Music, the inclusion of two performances in the Smithsonian Institutes’ National Museum of American History, and an appointment to the Board of Governors of the New York chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Eddie Palmieri had also hosted an NPR radio show titled “Caliente” which was broadcast by over one hundred and sixty stations across the country.

Want to visit Eddie Palmieri?

Nowadays Eddie Palmieri still makes music. Next year he will make a tour through the United States. Interested to visit a performance of Eddie Palmieri? Please visit the website of Eddie Palmeir where you can find all the information about the coming tours.

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