California Salsa Congress

When it comes to putting on a California Salsa Congress, what could possibly be better than holding these events in the “Golden State’s” three largest and most diverse cities: Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco? But what, you may be asking, is a California Salsa Congress? This Congress is just one of many salsa celebrations that take place annually in different cities and countries around the world. Their primary objective is to both introduce Latin dance as a legitimate art form, and to bring together salsa lovers from all over the world to be educated, to dance and to party with a salsa theme.

What Can You Expect at the California Salsa Congress?

It’s no secret that California is a huge “melting pot,” consisting of many different races, cultures and customs from across the globe, but the state is especially known for its large and diverse Latin community. This is what makes California such an ideal location to hold a salsa congress. Every year, the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco respectively, hold these events for 4-pleasurable days, typically at a large hotel in the area. Each day consists of quality salsa dance workshops aimed at teaching a variety of Latin dance styles to beginners and experts alike. The instructors for these workshops are invited guests from around the world and are generally considered some of the foremost dancers and instructors on the planet in their particular style of dance or specialty.

Visitors from around the world

Not only do many of the instructors derive from foreign cities, many of the participants of the this Salsa Congress also come from around the world, and aside from the superior instruction they receive they are also privy to some of the most exciting and innovative salsa dance performances they have ever witnessed. Every night of the congress there’s a new show to wow the party-goers at this festival, usually followed by a memorable and “super-party” at which they can hone the dance skills they have learned with partners from around the world, all while swaying to their favorite Latin tunes.

More than just a congress

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Although dance is the major attraction at events such as these, the California Congress offers many other exciting opportunities for enjoyment. The festival features gorgeous exhibits, as well as a beautiful and informative fashion show that will demonstrate both the history and future of dress associated with the salsa movement. In addition, there is always plenty of food and drink on hand, not to mention the many parks, beaches and magnificent sightseeing attractions that California is famous for.

California Salsa Congress

If you are truly a fan of salsa and the thought of a 4-day salsa party in one of the most beautiful places in the world sounds like an interesting and appealing vacation idea, there is simply nothing that compares to the California Salsa Congress. 

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