The Berlin Salsa Congress: Pride of Europe

The Berlin Salsa Congress, held annually in one of the most culturally rich cities in Europe, is the perfect event for meeting people from around the world who share your love of salsa and salsa dancing. The congress is the longest running event of its kind in Europe, and with over 70 percent of its participants coming from countries and places abroad it is certainly one of the most diverse salsa events in the world.

The Berlin Salsa Congress is usually held in late September or early October, a time of year when the weather is typically ideal. It spans four days, usually on a Thursday-Sunday schedule, and is jam-packed with scores of informative instruction and awesome performances that will take your breath away.

Workshops from Salsa professionals

Each year, different salsa professionals from across the globe are invited to the congress to instruct the hundreds of participants. These workshops are generally held during the day and are aimed at teaching a wide variety of dances to those of all skill levels, including those with no salsa background whatsoever. The patience and sheer joy demonstrated by these world-class instructors only showcases their love for the salsa genre and their desire to pass it on. In fact, many participants claim they get more practical advice in these four days of salsa workshops than they do in an entire year of traditional instruction at home.

After the workshops

After a long day of instruction and or sightseeing, the party at the Salsa Congress really heats up. Following a great dining experience at one of Berlin’s fabulous restaurants, congress participants make their way to the showroom floor to take in the stunning performances, demonstrations and competitions that consistently feature the finest international Latin-style dancers and salsa dance companies. A huge party generally follows these performances, affording dancers the opportunity to hit the dance floor with new-found friends, and in many cases, some of these parties (and after parties), which many participants call the highlight of the congress, will last well into the night.

Berlin Salsa Congress

The manner in which the Berlin Salsa Congress is arranged truly shows they understand what participants want in a salsa event, which is probably why the same faces seem to show up at this congress year after year.

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