Spain Salsa: A Great Way to Spend a Holiday

In Spain salsa is just around every corner. If you’re considering taking a salsa holiday this year, naturally you have many choices, but before you book that flight to Cuba or South America, you may want to first consider Spain —a gorgeous holiday to Barcelona. Salsa holidays in Barcelona, Spain offer the history, culture and beauty of one of Europe’s most preferential destinations with the thrill and excitement of salsa dancing.

Why Choose Spain?

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and culturally-rich cities in the world, and a fantastic city in which to holiday. Here you can explore some of the most ancient architecture in the world— architecture that beautifully combines elements of the Gothic, Renaissance and Byzantine periods. The shops and boutiques that dot the city streets offer a wonderful shopping experience, but if you prefer to simply relax and unwind, feel free to spend your days lying on the white sandy beaches enjoying ice-cold sangria under the inviting Mediterranean sun.

The Lure and Thrill of Spain Salsa

Barcelona is the perfect backdrop for listening to, and learning to dance to the infectious beat of Salsa music. The word “salsa,” which when literally translated means “sauce” is the perfect word to describe this hot and spicy dance that is full of exotic Latin flavor. When the sun goes down over the streets and hills of this sleepy town, the nightlife in Barcelona is something you have to see to believe. Each and every night, the locals and holiday-goers alike converge on one of the many nightclubs in Barcelona, all looking to have a great time and sway their hips to the rhythm of the salsa beat. In Spain, salsa is not only a type of music or a dance, but a country-wide movement and an experience you’ll not soon forget.

Spain salsa holidays for everyone

Spain salsa holidays are designed for anyone who wants to become part of this wonderful movement. Once your skill-level is assessed by one of the many qualified salsa instructors, you will typically be placed into one of three different classes: beginner, intermediate and advanced. So whether you’re a first-timer just learning the steps or an advanced salsa dancer with years of experience, there is a program designed specifically for you. In addition to the salsa classes, these holidays offer you the opportunity to watch scores of salsa demonstrations, root for your favorite dancer during the competitions, watch fashion shows that display traditional salsa attire and, most importantly, practice what you’ve learned with the partner of your choice.

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