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Spicy Rhythm

Salsa is a hot spicy rhythm forcing the hips to follow every beat. It is one of the most dynamic musical styles of the Western World. But Salsa is actually an umbrella term harboring many different Caribbean and Cuban rhythms such as the son, the chachacha and the merengue. 

Musical Phenomena

Salsa is recognized as one of the most dynamic and significant musical phenomena of the 1970s and 1980s. Salsa is not always fast and intense, it can also be slow and romantic or somewhere in between. In its various regional forms it is the single most popular dance style among Puerto Rican and Cuban communities, holding great appeal in their homelands, the US, Central and South America and Europe, as well.

Popularity across the world

We are convinced that when talking of Salsa, one is talking of rhythms that were all made to dance to. With the popularity of the music came the popularity of the dance. Salsa is a spicy, zesty, energetic and sensual partner dance. In the past only people of Hispanic origin were found dancing salsa. But now people of all heritages are dancing salsa across the world.

The way to dance salsa varies enormously depending on the dancer’s place of origin and how he or she learned to dance. It is the simplicity that makes dancing Salsa very flexible.

Salsa Dance Professional will provide you with all information relating Salsa dancing and the addictive rhythms & moves. 

Salsa Styles

There are many characteristics that may identify a salsa style. These salsa styles are made up out of different step patterns, different timing of steps, particular movement on the dance floor (for example: slot, circular), dancer preference of turns and moves, attitude, dress code and others. Read more...

Salsa History

There is a lot to write about salsa history, but we will keep it short and simple. Salsa is the result of a musical evolution of various types of Latin rhythms. Salsa is also a dance style which combines many different cultural genres. Read more...

Salsa dance clothes

Keeping in mind the dancers' need for ease of movement, salsa dance clothes requires a certain standard. Salsa clothing for women needs to fit perfectly. The woman wearing it has to feel comfortable when she is on the dance floor. When dancing salsa you should not have to worry if your outfit is still in place. Read more...